World of Gothic - All about the PC-Game-Series "Gothic", you can find here a huge community in the forum!
THE Gothic-database (Translation in progress), the Alpha-NotR-Database: *click*
Recommended: An international and nice forum, pay a visit it's worth it!
This translation site is good for translating only a single word.
Probably the most used searchsite on the web.
Official JoWood Gothic forum, ... also nice!
Official Gothic 3 - homepage.
This translation site is good for translating only a single word, or a speaking.
German database around Star Trek.
The german "Bundesliga", with live audio-reports from the games!
My collected smileys.
File-host, upload very easy even big files (max. 100MB)!
This translation site is good for translating more than only a single word.
More than 2.500 german citymaps.
Official Uefa-homepage.
Do you in need of fonts? There are a huge amount of them.
The first official Gothic homepage, but it was outdated because they changed their publisher.
Another translation-homepage.
Hardware page.
Hardware/Overclocking page.
Another hardware/OC page.
Tom's Hardware, very popular Harware Page.
General site, freemail.
Free Flash-games, mostly retro games, my suggestion: Play Arkanoid!
Free Flash-games, more newer games.
Some tools for gothic-editing.

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